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With a passion for accuracy and a long history of database creation and management as well as extensive experience in data transfer and management applications in the aerospace industry, sprayjob.com was an application waiting to happen.

As a small company, we recognized a need for a more automated, big-picture type approach to the pesticide application tracking. With the cooperation (and patience!) of several applicators and chemical companies, we set out to develop a user-friendly job tracking application that would connect the chemical company warehouse with the applicator.

In interviewing the various potential users, accuracy frustrations and repeated data entry were two paramount issues. Aware that data-entry intense computer applications intimidate users, we endeavored to incorporate as much automated data population as practical while still allowing users full control of their individual records.

While we feel that we have developed a very capable and easy-to-use application, we value your input and solicit any additional ideas you may have.

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